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Sky Mirror World Tour


Sky Mirror named after its mirror-like reflection of the sky is a mystery island that will only emerge for several days every month and after research it has been extended more than 7 days to around 26days a month with different boarding time daily: During the 1st and 15th of a lunar month, as well as 4 days before or after these dates its boarding usually in the morning 6am to 10am . It is also dubbed the Salar de Uyuni of Malaysia, after similar natural wonder in Bolivia. 

Sky Mirror is also home to a multitude marine life besides sand dollars, the most common are the sea clams and baby clams which scattered abundantly in the sand. Though tiny, you will definitely fall in love with million of baby clams that glitter like diamonds under the sun. Other interesting marine organisms found are sea anemones, shore crabs, red crabs, soldier crabs, bamboo clams. sea grapes, bailer shell, sea snails, and a variety of shells.


Hiden Cafe was available at our jetty by Sky Mirror World Sdn Bhd, its a only Boat Cafe in kuala selangor that floating on river with a sunset view of selangor river for our guest and any tourist can have a pleasant and comfortable awaiting space for a Finger Food, drink and Tea Time before or after boarding or return to all types of activities Sky mirror, Eagle Feeding , Firefly , Blue Tears.

*Boat Cafe time Operation Hour*
**whatsapp:+6016 223 4788 us for location if you cannot locate us**

*All other Activities*

*Sky mirror*
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*Eagle Feeding*
Slot A: 5.30pm
Slot B : 6.30pm

*Firefly Park Tour*
Slot A: 7.30pm
Slot B : 8.30pm

*Searching for Blue tears*
Check with us for  time  (whatsapp: +6016 223 4788)
*Suggestion period 3days before and 8days after chinese lunar month 1st & 15th